The Best Games Similar to Aviator

Aviator by Spribe is one of the most popular crash games today. The best online casinos and bookmakers offer their users the opportunity to play the game in Test mode and with real money. What makes Aviator so interesting? The slot stands out from many other machines due to its understandable gameplay and simple rules. Gamblers love the simulator for the opportunity to quickly earn money, as the Plane is a dynamic and interesting simulator with a guarantee of fair results.

The Georgian developer Spribe has provided an embedded Provably Fair algorithm, which allows Aviator fans to confidently play with real money and guaranteed to receive winnings. Each round of the game starts with the plane getting ready to take off with a coefficient of 1.01. After depositing money, players can immediately place bets, after which the main task of the player is to timely withdraw bets at a profitable multiplier. The slot is extremely easy to control and has useful buttons, a live chat, and additional options.

New players, who are just getting acquainted with entertainment similar to crash slots often ask the question - what games like the Plane are presented on the websites of leading online casinos? How to win in mini-games and are there any effective strategies? The popularity of fast games is gaining momentum every year, so top developers try to please gamers with various slots similar to Aviator. In turn, gaming clubs expand their collection and offer customers various options for crash games to choose from.

Why are crash games so popular?

Why are crash games so popular

It's hard to argue that crash games are currently one of the main components of the modern online gambling industry. Excellent graphics, vibrant storylines, dynamics, and simple rules have made mini-games a very popular direction that is loved by all gamers. Regardless of preferences and interests, every gambler spends time and combines leisure with entertainment by playing crash slots.

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100%  bonus up to  $600
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The first reason for such overwhelming popularity of mini-games is the understandable process and mechanics of the slot. Usually, even in the test version, it takes a few minutes for the gamer to figure out how to place bets and what needs to be done to win. In addition, among the factors of the popularity of crash games, the following should be highlighted:

  • Simplified game rules to the maximum;
  • Short rounds that last for a few seconds;
  • Convenient functionality and useful options;
  • Live chat for communication with other game participants;
  • Statistical summaries;
  • High return percentage (RTP indicator);
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • Rapidly growing multiplier;
  • Full adaptability for mobile devices.

Best analogs of the game Aviator

Those who have fallen in love with Spribe's game Aviator are probably interested in what other mini-slots there are that are similar in theme and just as dynamic. Well-known online casinos offer entire collections of fast-paced games that feature impeccable graphics, pleasant music, and interesting simple plots. The common denominator of such virtual entertainment is simple rules and fast-paced rounds, the outcome of which is usually a pleasant win. Among the top analogs of the game Aviator, the following should be highlighted:

Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet

One of the newest mini-slots from Gaming Corps, which was released in 2021, is Lucky Jet. The simulator features a game similar to Aviator, where the gamer needs to closely follow the flight of Lucky Joe. Each round is fast-paced and starts with a coefficient of x1.0. Players can play up to forty rounds in one session. Between launches into space, Joe takes five seconds to place new bets. The maximum payout percentage for the slot is 97%. Gamblers are allowed to place two bets per round at once.

The minimum bet amount is 0,10 USD/EUR, and the maximum is set at 100 USD/EUR, but it all depends on the online casino chosen by the player. The main task, as in Aviator, is to stop the game in time before Joe flies off the game board into space. With the "Auto Withdrawal" option, you can set the size of the multiplier at which the bot will withdraw and calculate the bet.

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Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash

Avid gamblers can embark on an exciting zeppelin ride with the Cash or Crash slot game. The game was presented to the public in September 2021 by Evolution. The simulator's storyline is a zeppelin flight where the host greets guests and they need to take their seats in the game room. Then everything proceeds like a real entertainment show. At the very beginning, participants can observe a large bingo-style machine that contains balls of red, green, and gold colors.

Before the game starts, each gamer deposits cash into the pot and chooses the amount of the bet. After that, the player's task is to climb as high as possible on the 20-step ladder before the red ball appears. Multipliers can be earned by reaching certain levels of the game, and in addition, players can increase coefficients and win a considerable sum of money.

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Developed by SmartSoft Gaming, the arcade simulator JetX, like Aviator, offers players the opportunity to bet until the moment of takeoff and watch the multiplier increase in a matter of seconds. At the same time, the mini-game is also multiplayer, has a built-in random number generator, and guarantees fair gameplay thanks to the patented Provably Fair algorithm. Players can communicate with each other in the game's online chat.

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Space XY

Space XY

World-renowned gambling provider Bgaming invites everyone who wants to fly into space on a supersonic rocket. To do this, the public was presented with the mini-slot game Space XY. The rocket flight is represented in the form of a graph, where the horizontal coordinate X displays the participant's flight duration, and on the vertical coordinate Y, one can see how the coefficient grows rapidly. The main thing is to manage to place a bet before the rocket takes off.

Players can observe the option to create bets, the auto-spin function, and the game field. The multiplier in Space XY can vary from 0 to 10x. The high payout percentage, namely the RTP at the level of 96.67%, allows even beginners to handle the management and win decent sums. The useful auto-play and auto-cashout option makes the task easier.

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How to Win at Crash Games?

Many gambling enthusiasts who have not previously spent time playing crash slots wonder how to win big money in mini-games. When launching any slot machine, it is essential to understand how the simulator works, know the rules of the game, and always practice placing bets in demo mode. Before spending their savings, experienced gamer always tests and tries out known strategies.

Even though crash slots seem to be as simple as possible, each such game is equipped with a randomizer and protected from tampering, distortion of results, or any external interference. To achieve success and receive large winnings in mini-games, one can apply various tactics depending on the style of play and bets, such as strategies for single and double bets.

In practice, many successful gamers use the following popular strategies for crash games:

  1. The strategy of minimum risk - the player places small amounts ranging from 1 to 5 USD/EUR on a coefficient within the range of 1.1 to 1.2. Usually, multipliers in mini-games increase to such marks in almost every round, so the gamer can receive a low but stable income with minimum risk.
  2. The strategy of moderate risk - this tactic involves placing bets on multipliers within the range of x3 to x5. According to statistics, such coefficients are encountered 40% of the time during the session.
  3. High-risk strategy for significant profits - risky gamblers can observe and track the cyclicity of the simulator to place a large sum on the highest multiplier.

In addition to this, gambling enthusiasts quite often rely on mathematical calculations and theories, so in practice, modern gamers use well-known strategies such as Martingale, Fibonacci, Labouchere, D'Alembert, and the Parlay system based on probability theory. In any case, to consistently generate income from playing crash slots, gambling fans need to test machines, practice, and thoroughly study the rules of the game.