Aviator Game Tricks and Strategy

The popular mini-game Aviator is now present in the collection of every well-known online casino. Simple rules, understandable mechanics of the slot, and fair results have made the crash game one of the most in-demand. At first glance, everything seems so simple that there is no need to bother with complex tactics to make a profit. However, to play for money, you always need to approach launching the slot wisely. That's why experienced players know how to play Aviator correctly.

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Are there secrets to profitable play and fail-safe strategies for Aviator? To make your time spent on the crash slot not only interesting but also productive, you need to know how the game works and where it's best to play Aviator. If you're interested in how to win the game, start by reviewing the top online casinos, choosing a gaming club, and testing Aviator Crash in the free version. All of this will help you learn more about the slot's workings and the mechanics of rounds, as well as analyze the history of rounds and develop the most successful betting schemes for money.

Aviator Crash Game Principle

Aviator Crash Game Principle

Do you want to confidently bet real money on the Aviator game? Then the first thing you need to do is understand how the simulator works and what the principle of the game is. After loading the slot, the gamer is presented with a playing field designed in the style of a radar screen. Against a black background, there is a graph and a red plane that starts its takeoff. In addition, the display shows the starting coefficient indicator and the multiplier growth rate.

The beginning of the round is the beginning of the plane's flight from the starting point, where the coefficient is at x1.01. Every second of flight, the multiplier increases and can reach a maximum of x100. Rounds in the mini-game are short, so they can last from 6-8 seconds to half a minute. The multiplier depends on the altitude and duration of the flight. How to win in Aviator? After placing a bet, the gambler needs to withdraw the bet in time before the crop duster disappears from the radar screen and flies above the clouds or crashes.

Single Bet Strategy

Single Bet Strategy

It is no coincidence that the Aviator Crash game is hugely popular. Gamers who carefully study the mechanics of the machine, analyze statistics, and test well-known strategies, receive stable profits from the mini-game and enjoy their victories. The main task of the player in Aviator Crash is to place a bet and withdraw it as the coefficient grows before the plane disappears.

In words, everything is extremely easy and simple. However, experienced gamers are always ready to calculate risks. Therefore, it is worth highlighting three popular and effective tactics for playing Aviator on single bets:

Minimal risk

The most well-known strategy that brings profit even to beginners is considered to be the tactic of minimal risk. How does it work? If you observe several flights of the biplane, it will become clear that in almost every round, the plane reaches at least a multiplier of 1.2-1.4. In such a range, the coefficient appears in nine out of ten cases, so new gamers are recommended to bet small amounts on the multiplier within such limits. If you play with the tactic of minimal risk for a couple of dozen rounds, you can ultimately get a decent amount of income.

Moderate risk

Gamers who have a certain amount of balance can try their luck with the strategy of moderate risk. Thanks to statistical data, every player can freely track the frequency of medium-sized multipliers. Usually, with moderate risk, experienced gamblers bet 5-10 USD/EUR on coefficients in the range of x2-x3. If the coefficients within 2-3 have not appeared in the round history for a long time, you can take a risk and bet even larger amounts. As a rule, such multipliers appear in the game with a certain periodicity and with a probability of 40-42%.

Big wins with high risk

Big wins with high risk

Those who don't take risks won't hit the jackpot. Therefore, observant players who are used to carefully studying the slot and analyzing statistics can easily win a considerable amount of profit thanks to large multipliers. The maximum allowable coefficient in Aviator can be x200, but it happens quite rarely. However, the x100 multiplier, based on statistical summaries, occurs once every 60-90 minutes. To apply the tactic of big wins, the user needs to view the round history and count the hour from the moment of the last x100 coefficient. And then you just need to watch the flights and calculate the high multiplier.

Insurance with double rates in Aviator

Insurance with double rates in Aviator

Developers have equipped the mini-slot Aviator with several useful options in addition to its user-friendly interface. Directly below the game field, players have access to betting settings buttons. In the gaminator, it is possible to place two bets in one round. With this feature, players often use the strategy of insurance with double bets.

This tactic requires the gamer to be attentive and concentrated. Each round in the slot is quite dynamic, so it is important to react in time and withdraw bets. The double bet strategy in the crash slot Aviator can be applied in two formats, namely:

  • Inexperienced players can place the first bet with auto cashout at x1.2, and make the second bet according to a moderate risk strategy.
  • If the gamer wants to take a risk, the first bet can be made with auto cashout at x40, and the second bet can be placed at a multiplier of x100.

Overview of classic game strategies

The gamer's winnings and overall profitability will depend on how well they choose their game tactics in Aviator. In practice, not all strategies have the property of being helpful and effective. To achieve positive results and increase their bankroll, the player should not only rely on mathematical calculations but also make a series of consecutive bets to understand which specific tactics suit them.


Perhaps the Martingale strategy, used in online casino games, is known even to inexperienced beginners. The tactic involves doubling the bet after each unsuccessful round and defeat. This theory is based on the belief that after a series of losses, luck will eventually smile on the player. Thus, all previous losses will be covered by a large sum of winnings.


The Fibonacci approach is also designed to increase the bet amount after a loss, but it works slightly differently. For example, if the gamer's first bet loses, the second bet should be equal to the sum of the first and second bets. If the third round is also unsuccessful, the player should add up the amounts of the first, second, and third bets to make the fourth bet, and so on until they win.


According to the D'Alembert strategy, players need to rely on mathematical calculations and adjust the bet amount based on the outcome of the played round. Based on the principle of "slow and steady wins the race," the gamer should increase the bet by one unit after a loss and decrease it after a winning streak.


One of the most difficult-to-understand strategies that beginners are hesitant to practice is the Labouchere strategy. It is also based on the laws of mathematics and involves making a series of bets whose sum is based on the assumed winning result. Typically, the gamer first creates a series of bets and starts playing. If the bet loses, they should add the amount to the end of the series. If the user makes a profit at the end of the round, they should cross out the first and last bets in the series, and so on.


Applying the probability theory in the Aviator game, many gamers claim that after a series of wins, the chances of winning further increase. And, conversely, after unsuccessful rounds, the probability of losing increases exponentially. Therefore, according to the Parlay strategy, the player needs to increase the bet amount after winning a round or reset it after a loss.

Is there a foolproof strategy for Aviator?

How to beat the Aviator slot machine? Can the game be cheated to win big? Which strategy guarantees a positive result? After studying a multitude of reviews and feedback from gamblers, as well as observing the statistics of the Aviator crash slot game, it can confidently be said that there is no perfect strategy or one hundred percent tactic for consistent victory.

Undoubtedly, skillful use of a tried and tested behavioral tactic will allow you to feel more confident and approach bet placement rationally. In addition, popular strategies have several advantages:

  • minimize the risk of loss;
  • teach rational bankroll planning;
  • allow you to fix positive dynamics;
  • enable you to work out a detailed behavioral tactic.
Is there a foolproof strategy for Aviator

However, every slot machine, including the Aviator mini-game, has a built-in random number generator. The program is responsible for the fair selection of the round's outcome, which happens through randomization. Therefore, it is not possible to significantly influence the outcome of the plane's flight and constantly apply foolproof strategies, as winning and losing are random results that cannot be predicted with one hundred percent accuracy by anyone.

Tips for beginners in the game

When first encountering the Crash Slot Aviator, many novice gamers may think that placing bets on it is easier than easy. This is true, as the simulator is so intuitive and has a set of simple rules that one can quickly get the hang of it. However, one should not rush to spend their funds. Experienced gamers highlight three key tips that will help achieve success, earn profits, and reduce the risk of loss:

Free training in the demo version

Free training in the demo version

Every licensed slot has a test version. In the Aviator Crash game, there is a "Demo" mode that can be played for an unlimited amount of time, without a deposit, and in most online clubs, without prior registration. To switch to free play in the Plane, the user needs to determine the gambling platform, find the game, and click on the corresponding mode. Training in the simulator with virtual coins will allow you to:

  • apply popular strategies in practice;
  • choose the most effective behavior tactics;
  • learn all the rules;
  • master the game control panel and quick bet placement;
  • chat with other participants in the live chat;
  • learn how to observe statistics and make necessary notes;
  • track the cyclicality of the game.

Analysis of reviews

Since the Aviator mini-game is very popular, many reviews and video reviews of the game from experienced gamblers can be found online. Do not neglect to watch such videos, and be sure to read the comments of other participants in the process. Often, a player can learn useful tips, and results of applying certain strategies, as well as learn to objectively evaluate their abilities and skillfully distribute their bankroll.

Statistics analysis

Statistics analysis

Undoubtedly, after training in the test mode and studying the reviews, the gamer rushes to start placing real money bets. However, relying on intuitive signals is not always a successful option. To achieve success in launching Aviator, analyzing statistics is essential. The Crash Slot is equipped with an excellent block that displays the results of other gamers' play, the player's statistics, and the biggest wins in detail. If you know how to observe and analyze, you can place a bet on a large multiplier in time and earn a significant profit.

Why can't the game be hacked or cheated?

The thirst for quick profits and the desire to win big often lead players to lose a lot of money relying on third-party programs and using bots. In practice, some gamers hope to hack the crash slot or cheat the game in pursuit of a win. However, such attempts have not been successful. Why, you may ask?

The Georgian provider Spribe's crash game Aviator has a built-in algorithm called Provably Fair. This program guarantees players protection against hacking and third-party interference in the round results, as well as excludes tampering and intervention in the game process by the casino and participants. By determining the win or loss with a randomizer, the simulator provides gamers with fair and unbiased results. Hacking and tricks to cheat the game in Aviator are excluded.

Answers to questions:

❓  What is the best game strategy to choose in Aviator Spribe?

Each player should independently evaluate and test popular strategies to ultimately choose the most suitable one. The gamer's experience, bet size, and bankroll are taken into account.

❓  Are there any effective strategies for betting in Aviator?

There is no single betting tactic in Aviator that would invariably be successful. However, the most successful strategies are considered those based on mathematical calculations - the Martingale, Labouchere, and Fibonacci systems.

❓  Is it better to play with one bet or to place two bets at once in Aviator?

For beginners, it's better to start with one bet since this tactic is more understandable and easier. After the gamer gains experience, they can start placing two bets at once, which will be more effective.

❓  Can you increase your chances of winning a large sum in Aviator?

To succeed in Aviator, the player must practice in demo mode, test different strategies, and plan their bankroll wisely.